2 Key Brake Maintenance Tips

Your brakes keep you safe while on the road, especially during inclement weather like snow or heavy rain. When your brakes are not maintained properly, the result can be catastrophic. Braking systems are complex, but they can be maintained if you take the time to learn the components and read your vehicle manual, which includes helpful information like a maintenance schedule. Let’s discuss some things you can do to keep your brakes in top shape.

Check the Pads & Rotors

The pads and rotors are how your braking system and tires communicate. Because of this contact, they deteriorate much faster than other components of your braking system and need to be checked constantly to ensure their quality. If you notice that it takes more time to come to a complete stop, your rotors or pads may need to be replaced.

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Flush the Brake Fluid

When the brake pedal is pressed, the pressure moves brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers, which push the pads against the rotors. Brake fluid is an important part of your system, but it can collect moisture and cause brake components to corrode and reducing the boiling point of fluids, which affects how effective your brakes are.

If your brakes are in need of repair, get in touch with a professional that is trained in automotive repair and maintenance if you’re not sure experienced with brake systems. There are many places that fix brakes, so your vehicle can be repaired and good as new in no time. You can even get maintenance done on your brakes at these places – just be sure to keep up with a regular schedule to be as safe as possible. Check your brake pads and rotors often and flush the brake fluid to prevent moisture from invading your braking system.