Creating Custom Clothing And Messages

Clothing makes the man or woman these days.  The clothing that we wear today has a lot of style and flare that makes us stand out in a highly professional manner.  One thing that we can now do with our clothing is add additional customization through embroidery.

With high quality embroidery service corvallis or we can now have professional images, wording and symbols sewn into our clothing.  This custom work will help establish our brand as well as give us a professional look you can’t get with any other type of clothe modification.

Clothing options

With embroidery you have a wide range of clothing options that you can choose from.  Starting with dress shirts you can embroider your employee’s name, the name of the company and even the company logo into the corner or pocket of the shirt. 

Jackets and vests are the next on the list.  When you work in harsh environments or even just outside having your name and logo embroidered into your outer clothing will help people identify your works compared to regular people.

high quality embroidery service corvallis or


Hats are great to have done.  With hats you can do the same thing you do in any other piece of clothing.  With hats however, you can take it a step farther and start offering custom clothing for sale.  Now, you can do the same with shirts and jackets, however, with hats you have a lower barrier of entry into the market and can test different sayings and patterns before jumping into higher pieces of clothing.

The process of embroidery is simple but may take some time to learn.  This is why it is an art as well as a process.  When having a piece of clothing embroidered you are creating a more professional look compared to screen printing and other printing method.  If you are looking for a high-quality piece of work, consider embroidery.